This is a Studies Site of David Koenig!

On this Subdomain you can find some sample and examples. I did them for testing, learning and etc.

JavaScript (Intern)

Budget Web App

This is a budget App, which is developed with Javascript. For better User Interface Experience please use a Desktop Computer.

go to the "Budget Web App"

DOM "Pig Game"

This is a game fully developed with JavaScript. You have to roll Dices and must reach 60 points. But when you roll a 1 than you lose your current Points! There is also a Input, where you can set up the Goal Amount!

go to the "Pig Game"

Angular (Extern)

Angular App "FitnessTracker"

I made this App through a course in Udemy. I learned more about Angular Material and I refreshed my knowledge!

News Blog (Angular)

I made my News Site with Angular, AngularMaterial and Google Firebase. I publish here some News about me and my progress!

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